OpenType Font Installation

These are basic MANUAL installation instructions, if using a Font Management utility please refer to the Help Documentation that is provided with the application.

Windows 7

  • Decompress .zip file to Desktop
  • Right-click the font you want to install and click Install.
  • Alternatively you can install a font by dragging it into the Fonts Control Panel.

Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • Decompress .zip file to Desktop
  • Go to Control Panel… Click on Start and select Settings > Control Panel
  • Go to your Fonts folder… Open the Fonts folder.
  • Go to Install New Font… Select File > Install New Font. [Select ‘Copy fonts to folder’.]
  • Navigate to the directory with the font(s) you want to install. [In this instance the Desktop.]
  • Find the font(s) you want to install. Highlight the font to install from the ‘list of fonts’ window.
  • Click OK. This completes your font installation.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT

  • Decompress .zip file to desktop
  • You will need ATM (Adobe Type Manager) or ATM Lite which available as a free download from Adobe:

Mac OS 10.x

  • Decompress .zip file to desktop
  • Note: You must have admin access privileges to install fonts
  • Quit all open applications. [Fonts will not be activated in applications that are open during installation.]
  • Choose the font file you would like to install.
  • Select and drag the file(s) to ComputerHardDrive/[username]/Library/Fonts/